Subway Surfers for Mac

Subway Surfers for Mac

Download Subway Surfers in yor Mac with BlueStacks 2

You like a lot of this game? If you like both, because they do not use it so that you have more fun? Did you know that there is a way to have your Subway Surfers on your computer? If you are interested in don’t skip or a word of what I am going to explain later. Subway Surfers, as you know many of you is a game for Smartphones and tablets. But, also ay you do not know that you can have in your PC or Mac from BlueStacks Android Emulator. Sure you will believe that to do this you need many facilities or even pay or many other complications, but not only do you follow my steps and in this way you are not going to have to getting complicated.

Get Subway Surfers on your PC or Mac with BlueStacks 2!

Here I leave you the most important benefits that has play with a game from BlueStacks 2:

• No need to worry about the battery of your mobile phone or Smartphone
• Since you are not going to have to spend space of your mobile phone or tablet
• You are not going to have more drops of connection
• and not have to worry about your view or neck pain, since the screen of your PC or Mac will be much bigger so that you do not have to force more the view

Complete all kinds of obstacles with Subway surfers thanks to BlueStacks 2

Then I will show you that needs to be done in order to obtain your BlueStacks 2 and your game or app. Steps that you need to do to get your BlueStacks 2 and from there to settle or Subway Surfers or any game or application:

1. First you must download BlueStacks 2 from its own official web page (you do not need a lot of space on your PC or Mac to have it)

2. Then when the download is complete you will only have to enter in your BlueStacks 2 and go directly to the main page

3. From the main page you only need to search for the game or application you want, which in this case is Subway Surfer and from there go directly to Google Play

4. And finally, from Google Play, you can install your game (the installation does not usually take a long)

You have already seen that easy that is all this, but if you have any doubt I have prepared a video where you explained in detail but at the same time briefly as is installed Subway Surfer on your PC or Mac from BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Get your table flightless

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