Pou for Mac

Pou for Mac

Enjoy with Pou for Mac. In this wonderful game you can create your doll Pou that will be as your pet, with it you are going to have fun playing to the whole variety that you can find in the mini games. To do this you will need to feed and care as if it were your pet.

Download Pou for Mac

You are going to have to take care of your own pet, your little alien! You will need to treat it as if it were of truth but in a virtual way. Then we are going to discover as install and power juagar to Pou for Mac or your PC to make sure you never tiring your view with the mobile.

The first thing we need to do is download BlueStacks 2 completely free. Once with our Emulator Android, we walked in and we are going directly to the search for applications where there we Pou and enter. When we are already in the download page of Pou only we have to give it to install and expect to complete the download once we give open and we are already inside.

Costumes from Pou

If you don’t it has become very clear just watch this video where I will show you how to get your game of Pou completely free. Feed and care for your own pets aliens. Play to win coins and so to take care of your wonderful mascot! So you can buy food and clothing. Also accessories for some of the mini-games.

Take care of your Pou

What are you waiting surround yourself the game Pou and have fun with your pet!

Pou Games

Here I show you the minigames highlights of Pou:

• Sky Jump: is a mini-game which consists in jump from platform to platform without fall and reach the highest. Don’t fall
• Sky Hop: is a game that it seems very simple but in reality costs enough because you only need to touch the left for on this side and to the right to go to this side but you must do it fast.
• Water Hop: consists in touch to the left for a break and to the right for two. Don’t arrojes to water.

Pou games

• Clift Dash: you have to go dodging rocks and jumping the empty with your skate. Try not to colliding!
• Tumble: consists of going down the holes before you Pille the roof. Is fast!

Pou games

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