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If you are looking for an app for Android or iOS, with which you can cause a sensation in your Selfies or profile picture with looks you will find what you are looking for. These are some of the qualities and functions that offers you looks:

1. You will be able to boast of effects of makeup real 100%. This will allow you to find t u style and in this way make perfect pictures.

2. Access to the best brands that you used in your photos. To do this, thanks to looks you will not have to go to the store, you can do so from your device.

3. New effects of facial contours and effects of beauty.

4. You can also record with trends of the moment and background music live.

5. You can also change your natural color of face and with more lighting

This is one of the applications to the lovers of Selfies typically used to retouch your photos and share them with the whole world.

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B612 is an app from photo that you can use in your Android devices or iOS. With it you will have the opportunity to create stunning pictures, fantastic stories and share all your video clips or Selfies with whomever you want.

With this application you can enjoy beauty maximum in each photo or Selfie. You can check by seeing the more than 100 filters that B612 offers you, in addition you can also enjoy 200 stickers that will ensure that you express your imagination in each one of your Selfies like they never have been able to do.

In addition, will allow you to invite all your friends to play so that all of you will be able to revolutionize your chats with wonderful Selfies. These will be erased in 24 hours, but if you want to keep and share in other sites simply export your chats and in this way share your Selfies in other social networks. So, you know, if you want to be sure not to delete your photos in 24 hours do not forget to save them and share in all the social networks that you want for your great pictures never lost.

This application is dedicated to the Selfies and fun that these can cause. By that same allows you to create stories with all your friends and share everything easily in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

You can also have this wonderful app of photo from your Android device, iOS or Windows Phone. In this way you will be able to use this app on any device and be active at all times.


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