Line Here and Popcorn Buzz

Line Here

This application is an app that will help you to know where are your friends, family, etc. In addition, they will also be able to see your location. But if you are concerned that the whole world will know where these you can always be assured that with the timer you can regulate the time you want to know your location. This function will allow you to stop the fact of sharing your location with the other during a given time.


Know much more about Line for PC in:

Line Here will serve you for …

• You have been with your friends
• For the organization of outdoor activities
• Emergencies
• answers in real time
• Answers of location totally safe

So you know if you need a GPS application this is the ideal.

Stops searching to your child, not lose sight of your friends, go in the right direction and do not forget the privacy of location, either yours or your around. This app uses GPS technology and usually not particularly precise with the details of the location, especially if these in a closed site.

Don’t think more and surround yourself already Line Hera not to miss more. Do not miss to your friends, because with the GPS technology Line Here you can locate any of your friends or family.
This app is available for Android devices and iOS.

Popcorn Buzz

With Popcorn Buzz you no longer have to getting all writing to all your friends one by one. This app is made for those who are tired of typing both and try to speak with all at once. With Popcorn Buzz you will be able to make phone calls in group with more than 50 users and totally free. In this way you will be able to be up to date with all your friends.
You will not have to be all day typing. In this way you will not be able to both time and you can do so in a group.
You will be able to talk to all of the family if matter where they are.
Leverage and do not scatter the opportunities it gives you this application, do teleconferences with all your friends or calls with your colleagues wherever they are.
You will have free calls unlimited. Hunt Group calls with more than 100 users at once.
Invitations and converse quick and effective throughout the world.
And you will know at all times who is speaking.
Now created your own stickers in Line for PC

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